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Image of: A Map of Fenlands

Adventure and Outdoors

David Hodgson Outdoor

There are plenty of places to visit in the Fens that are slightly off the beaten track but are well worth a visit.

  • Chatteris Airfield

    AAA Microlights Cambridgeshire

    Learn to fly at Chatteris Airfield, Cambridgeshire. Come and find out what it's like flying at 3000ft over the Cambridgeshire countryside.

  • Blokarting

    Blokarting East Anglia

    If you haven't been Lucky Enough to be introduced to the world of Blokarting, then take the time to browse this Website !!! Think of a Blokart as a mini land yacht, fast, fun, safe and comparatively affordable, and you won't be too far wrong. They have a 3-wheeled steel chassis that is light strong and protective. Drive is produced by the single hand controlled sail in sizes of 2,3,4 or 5.5sqm and you steer with a hand tiller bar, like a steering wheel.

  • Roger Newark Outdoor

    East Anglia Super Trax

    East Anglia Super Trax is a mile long high energy, thrill packed MX track offering an exhilarating ride for riders of all ages, from novice to advanced.

  • North London Skydiving Centre Ltd

    North London Skydiving Centre Ltd

    Offers three different skydiving and parachuting experiences available to the complete beginner - Tandem skydives, Static line square parachute courses and Accelerated freefall courses; conducted within the safety of a controlled club environment by British Parachute Association Instructors.

  • Paintball

    Mepal Outdoor Centre

    A unique Activity Centre set on the shores of a 20 acre lake in the Cambridgeshire Fens, offering a wide range of affordable water and land based activities for families, school and youth groups and corporate clients.

  • Bottle Feeding Lambs

    Pigeons Farm

    Pigeons Farm welcomes everyone who is interested in the animals and wants to have a brilliant day of fun. There are many breeds of farm animals and birds, large play area, restaurant and shop. Children will be encouraged to get close to the animals and to learn about their breeding and rearing.

  • Play2day

    Play2Day Family Entertainment Centre

    Comprising a Ten Pin Bowling Centre, Lazer-Tag Arena and Indoor Children's Play Centre all conveniently located under one roof

  • Skylark

    Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard

    The largest Maize Maze in East Anglia, covering 12 acres of twists and turns designed to bamboozle even the most determined of pathfinders.

  • Boats

    Water-based Activities

    Fenland offers a huge variety of water sports, from canoeing to diving, your choice of water based activities is limitless.