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Peckover House

05 May 2016 14:58

Peckover House’s famous mauve wisteria is coming into flower as May approaches, welcoming visitors with the promise of the delights they can expect as they explore the garden. But the gardening team are happy to show that the place has more than just a pretty face!

Work in the garden never ends, of course, with the gardeners working hard to display its late spring beauty. In the background, though, work of a far less glamorous type goes on and the gardeners have become award winners for it.

Whenever new plants are brought into the garden there is the risk that they could carry plant diseases and pests in with them. Some of these could cause widespread problems that would be very hard to control and to prevent this, the gardeners have had to set up some very strict procedures. The health of new plants has to be monitored and part of this involves keeping them in a separate quarantine area for at least six weeks before they can be planted out.

And it seems Peckover’s gardening team are doing the job well. In recognition of the high standard of this pest control work, the team has been awarded the National Trust Bronze Award for Plant Health. Peckover is the only National Trust garden in the East of England to be awarded this. Many criteria had to be met to attain the award, but the gardening team feel that it’s worth all the effort to ensure that the garden remains healthy and glorious for years to come.